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Dinner & Crime

A stylish evening filled with crime, comedy and a 4-course dinner including aperitif.

Experience an exciting evening with a delicious meal and a thrilling whodunit. You can look forward to an entertaining evening in which the sleuths apply their detective skills and common sense to solve the case before midnight. As a guest, you are both a spectator and part of the story. As you enjoy your dinner, a few crimes are committed around you that need to be cleared up – fun and entertainment are guaranteed! Please note that all shows are in German language only.

EUR 74,00 per person | from 06.30 p.m. 

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All dates at a glance:


18.09.2020 - DIE AUKTION

The infamous Society Countess Albany is dead! Since no heir exists, her estate is being auctioned off. The proceeds will go to a foundation. But for some people, the Countess's death doesn't seem natural. Unexpected events happen and every time one believes to have come closer to the crime, things change again. "The Auction" lives on surprises!



Heirloom tomatoes | buffalo mozzarella | basil | pine nuts
Pumpkin cream soup | pumpkin seeds | pumpkin seed oil
Braised beef cheeks | gremolata | oven-baked vegetables | mashed potatoes
Mushroom ravioli | wild mushrooms | romanesco | parmesan
Quince parfait | chocolate brownie | apple ragout

31.10.2020 - TARTUFO MORTALE

Shortly before the company's 100th anniversary, winemaker king "Meinrad Immervoll" is found upside down and dead in a wine barrel. He leaves behind a flourishing business - but to whom? The estate administrator, Mayor Pfennig, is to clarify this.


Pumpkin quiche | sour cream
Celery cream soup | granny smith | walnut
Venison stew | red cabbage | dumpling | williams pear
Red beetroot risotto | sprouts | williams pear
Chocolate cake | nougat terrine | morello cherry


"God bless Little Britain" - many-voiced echoes resound through the Little British embassy building. The occasion for the celebrations is no less than the 10th anniversary of the independence of the small island state. But what was planned as a solemn diplomatic dinner takes an unexpected turn due to a theft. While house technician Grammel is panicking in front of spies, blackmailers, thieves, forgers and murderers and hangs on the tartan skirt of security chief MacNamara, ambassador Parker obviously finds it difficult to keep a diplomatic composure. Only the detective Balloch keeps his nerve, but he too must soon realize that the diplomats present are hiding what they don't know anyway in a hundred words. 



Wild garlic terrine | vinegar vegetables
Carrot and ginger soup | sprouts
Roast beef with fried onions | green beans | German fries 
Wild garlic gnocchi | tomato ragout | buffalo mozzarella

Rhubarb pie | quark foam | vanilla ice cream


The morning after the maiden voyage of the luxury liner MS Dinner, shipowner Konstantin Hasidohostas is found dead in his cabin. The result of the investigation is suicide, but the mysterious circumstances are cause for wild speculation. His young and unmarried adopted daughter Sheila takes over the fleet as sole heiress and Captain Engelbrecht Hanse, accompanied by the top members of the company, sets off on his last voyage. At the traditional Captain's Dinner, passengers and crew will clarify whether all the mysteries can be solved or whether many a secret is still hidden in the still waters. Should the waves be too high, the ship's doctor will have parsley, ginger and other remedies ready. If someone goes on a journey, then he can experience something! 


Egplant roll-ups | tomato chutney | couscous
Spring herb soup | cream cheese ravioli
Asparagus | Hollandaise sauce | juniper ham | potatoes
Asparagus | Hollandaise sauce | watercress | potatoes
Strawberry tiramisu

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