Hospitality unlimited

The ARCOTEL name has been a fixture on the hotel scene in Central Europe for 30 years. An explanation of its origin: ARCOTEL is a fusion of ARCus (Latin for “arch”) and (H)OTEL. The name was and to this day remains an expression of the guiding principle we have had from the beginning: to create a link, symbolised by the arch, between the guest and the host in a hotel where all travellers are welcome.
It is with the deepest conviction that ARCOTEL Hotels offer “hospitality unlimited”.

Reception ARCOTEL Castellani Salzburg

 +43 662 2060-0

Central Reservation

Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
 +43 1 224 24 200


Content Blocks

Michael Oberrauch

General Manager
 +43 662 2060-701

Roland Liska

Resident Manager
 +43 662 2060-612

Elisabeth Maibaum

Convention & Event Manager
 +43 662 2060-708