Can I change or cancel my reservation at any time?
Please look for the exact cancellation details which apply to your booked rate. We offer a link on your confirmation e-mail from which you can make the cancellation. Follow the line “Cancel reservation” in your confirmation of reservation email, in order to call up your booking. Please note the cancellation terms and conditions: If the deadline for cancellation has passed, it is no longer possible to cancel. Cancellation is not possible for special non-cancellation rates.After a successful cancellation, you will receive a confirmation of cancellation by email. Our reservation team will also be very happy to help.

Reservation ARCOTEL Castellani
T +43 662 2060-612

Is smoking allowed in the hotel / are there smoking rooms?
Smoking is generally not permitted throughout the hotel.

Do you have meeting rooms in the hotel?
The hotel offers four seminar rooms and the "Alte Pfarrei", all with natural light and air conditioning. The rooms cover a total area of 370 sqm with room for up to 170 people. You will find more information about our meeting services here.

Is a video projector included in the daily rate?
A video projector is included in the regular daily rate. The rooms Dresden, Reims, Vilnius and "Alte Pfarrei" are equiped with a 75 inch flatscreen with audio and HDMI connection.

Is there (free) internet access?
Free Wi-Fi internet access is available in all public areas in the hotel, as well as in the rooms. The hotel lobby also has a dedicated business corner with a generous desk, PC and printer, which may be used free of charge. In addition, during your stay we offer you our Media Box with newspapers and magazines from 58 countries in 38 languages free of charge. After successfully logging into the hotel network, you can browse through the Media Box.

How far away is the airport / train station? 
Salzburg airport is around 6 km from the hotel, and Salzburg train station is around 3 km away. Find more tips on arriving without a car underLocation.

Can I bring my dog to the hotel? How much extra does that cost?
You are welcome to bring your dog. We charge a fee of EUR 15.00 per night.


What do I do if I wish to confirm my reservation but I don’t have a credit card?
You can also transfer the amount of your reservation in advance, or send us a written confirmation.

Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, VPay and China Union Pay CUP.


Does your hotel have its own carpark? Does this cost anything?
Our hotel has 50 outside parking spaces (EUR 15.00 per day), as well as an underground car park with 27 spaces which costs EUR 20.00 per day. You can find more information under “Location”.


What facilities are in your rooms?
You can find a complete room description for all categories here.

Do all rooms have air conditioning?
All rooms have individually adjustable air conditioning. In addition, the rooms have a separate radiator and you have the possibility to open the windows.

Do you offer a laundry / ironing service?
A laundry service is available from Monday to Friday. If you hand laundry in by 8.30 a.m., it will be returned by 6.00 p.m. on the same day. Laundry which is not handed in by 8.30 a.m. will be ready the following day. Your laundry can also be ironed for the minimal fee of EUR 5.00 to EUR 16.00 per item of clothing.


What are the opening hours in Salieri - the restaurant? Do you offer 24 hour room service?
The Salieri - the restaurant is open daily from 5.00 to 10.00 pm. We can offer room service from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Can you have breakfast as a non-resident?
Of course - our sumptuous breakfast buffet in the Eschenbach restaurant is also available to guests not staying in the hotel for EUR 22.00 per person.

Do you have to pay room rental when you book a wedding in the Eschenbach restaurant?
We do not charge any additional room rental for company and Christmas parties, private celebrations of any kind including weddings, christenings or graduations.


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